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7 Top Rated Water Ionizers and Alkaline Water Products All from Tyent USA!

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then look no further than the latest scientific breakthrough for optimizing overall health and wellness? It’s alkaline water! It has amazing antioxidant power as evidenced by its other common names, such as “antioxidant water”, “healthy water”, and “healing water”.

You may ask “How can I get alkaline water and improve my health?” Well, you need a water ionizer. With the abundance of water ionizer companies popping up, how can you choose the right products for you? Tyent USA has all the top rated water ionizers and related products for your needs.

Read on to discover what makes Tyent USA products the best choice for all your alkaline water needs. Below is a quick, informative look at some of our top rated products.

The ACE-11 Extreme Water Ionizer from Tyent USA is the best countertop water ionizer in the industry. The “11” in the product name stands for 11 titanium plates dipped multiple times in platinum. It is environmentally friendly in that it produces 40% less waste water than the more common 7-plate or 9-plate water ionizers.

The ACE-11 Extreme Water Ionizer is fully adjustable with 55 preset power settings. It has dual filters that provide Ultra filtration of .01 microns to ensure your water is the best alkaline water quality possible.

Although it sits on the counter, it takes up only a small amount of space. With its stainless steel exterior and digital LCD touch screen, it looks good too.

Additionally, the 11 plate residential water ionizer series from Tyent USA won the 2017 Water Ionizer of the Year Award from Read more about the product and the award here

The Under Counter Extreme (UCE) -11 Water Ionizer from Tyent USA was included as the 2017 Editor’s Choice Award from for the top rated 11 plate series (see above). This product has all the benefits of the MMP-11 countertop water ionizer from Tyent USA, but is tucked away out of sight for more counter space.

The UCE-11 water ionizer is fully adjustable with 99 presets per level. It has advanced interactive touch screen (inspired by Smartphone technology) and is self-cleaning.

Well, it wouldn’t do much good if you took your healthy alkaline water around with you in plastic bottles, would it? One, chemicals from the plastic could leach into your purified water. Two, plastic bottles are bad for Mother Nature. So just how should alkaline water be transported? Specially designed, environmentally friendly bottles of course!

    • Tyent USA offers 2 top rated water bottles for its alkaline water:

Both GoodLife bottles are made of high quality stainless steel and have a patented dual wall design and vacuum-sealed cap to keep water cold, or even hot, for up to 24 hours. The bottles are highly durable and stylish.

GoodLife water bottles are economical and eliminate landfill waste from used plastic water bottles. Be good to Mother Nature – drink your healthy water from a GoodLife water bottle from Tyent USA.

Tyent USA water ionizers utilize Ultra filters with a multi-stage filtration process that eliminates common contaminants from your water, such as chlorine, heavy metals, dirt, as well as pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals that find their way into the water supply. The Tyent Ultra filters have .01 micron filtration, the same used in kidney dialysis equipment. These filters provide you with the highest quality, purest, alkaline water available.

For more information about the Tyent Ultra filters, Read Here.

While lugging around a water ionizer may sound daunting, it isn’t! You can actually take your own personal water alkalizer (no electricity required) with you anywhere with the TYgo from Tyent USA. As a top rated travel-size water alkalizer, it gives you the option to enjoy your alkaline water wherever, whenever you want. It’s perfect for the alkaline water enthusiast who is active and constantly on the go.

Many TYgo users rave about this portable water alkalizer. Meghan Markle from the hit television series “Suits” says that “Having alkaline water on the go with a TYgo is a GOOD idea!”

Tyent USA is an A+ BBB rated company with cutting edge water ionizer products and accessories. Our products, along with our reputation, are stellar and are guaranteed to deliver high quality, great tasting alkaline water.